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Next Seminar: September 11th – 12th

Hyatt Regency Crystal City at Regan National Airport

Washington, DC

This is the most widely attended and recommended negotiation seminars for the rail industry. The Rail Negotiation seminar has been attended by hundreds of companies from virtually every industry that ships products by rail.

Learn New Strategies!

  • How to make your moves more important to railroads
  • Determining when rail rates put you at a disadvantage in markets
  • The benefits of being proactive and not reactive with railroads
  • Structuring your RFP to increase competitive rail traffic
  • Using past rate increases to reduce current rates
  • Actions to take with railroads looking for large rate increases
  • The questions effective strategic planning needs to answer


About Escalation Consultants

Escalation Consultants was founded in 1979 and has been helping shippers reduce and control rail expenses for more than 30 years. Escalation Consultants’ message is a simple one: the price you pay under a rail contract should not occur by chance.


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